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Podcast: Empire Has No Clothes, Ep. 12, Max Blumenthal’s Grayzone

He says reporting on the U.S. regime change narrative has left a bullseye on his back, but it's worth every minute.
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This week, co-hosts Kelley Vlahos and Daniel Larison talk to Max Blumenthal–investigative reporter, author and founder of The Grayzone. Max talks about why he launched the independent news site, which aims to challenge the sanctioned narratives in U.S. foreign policy in places like Iran, Russia, Venezuela and the Middle East. The team’s reporting flies in the face of propaganda and establishment orthodoxy, particularly on, but not limited to, the Left—like in Syria and China–leaving Max and the Grayzone open to attacks from elite media on both sides of the aisle. “Our slogan is breaking the media blockade. Going to geo-political hotspots where the U.S. is seeking regime change… and showing the other side of the story, which I think would be valuable to whatever your perspective is.”

In the first segment, Kelley and Daniel also talk about the nomination of TAC friend Doug Macgregor as ambassador to Germany, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s declaration of Cold War on China. Don’t miss this one!