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Unseemly, Censurable, But Not Impeachable

Punish Trump at 2020 polls for his unethical and unsavory behavior. But nothing here rises to the level of removing him.

Clearing Up Some of the Mueller Report’s Falsehoods

The report “fully exonerates” the president? There are tight limits on what Barr can disclose? Think again.

Democrats’ Court-Packing Plan is as Dumb Today as It Was Under FDR

They’re losing because their ideas are unpopular, not because of the justices.

End the First Amendment Sanctuary for Fake News

Clarence Thomas is right: reporters and publishers should be held to the same libel standards as everyone else.

Trump’s Alarming Abuse of Executive Power

The only ‘national emergency’ is a president who violates the Constitution to get his way.

8 Questions Senators Must Ask William Barr on Executive Power

The AG nominee once told a president he did not need congressional authority to go to war. What does he think now?

Let the War Vote Go to Congress Now

Critics should stop shouting at Trump and take their complaints over Syria to Capitol Hill where they belong.

Roberts’ Rare Rebuke of Trump is Disingenuous

Both forum shopping and calling out the philosophical bent of a judge are as old as the country itself.

Whitaker is Unfit to be Attorney General, Acting or Otherwise

Beyond the unconstitutionality of his appointment, his views on judicial review and religious litmus tests should disqualify him.

The Constitution is Crystal Clear On Birthright Citizenship

It emancipates our destiny from our ancestry, a principle the 14th Amendment upholds.

Will Congress Have the Spine to Defy Trump on a Russian Nuke Treaty?

Trump wants to pull out while many GOP senators are opposed. But will they actually stand up for what’s right?

Partisan Warfare Will Shatter Our Constitution

A congressional majority has the power to do more than you think.

The Senate, Not the FBI, Should Investigate Kavanaugh

Instead of surrendering another core function of Congress to the executive branch.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Bradley Birkenfeld exposed massive tax evasion in offshore banks, and was jailed for his efforts.

No Kavanaugh: SCOTUS Has Enough Executive Branch Creatures

Trump’s nominee would only compound the Supreme Court’s troublesome pro-presidential jurisprudence.  

Trump Wields Signing Statements, Carves Up Defense Bill

With a flick of his pen, the president thwarts Congressional will on Yemen, Gitmo, and presidential powers.

Forget Trump: The Military-Industrial Complex is Still Running the Show With Russia

As the media fulminates, they fail to see how Trump has kept the usual machinery running.

At NATO, Trump Should Declare MAGA Doctrine of Self Defense

This is what the president should say about future military action on fellow members’ behalf.

American Empire Demands a Caesar

Trump is hardly our first emperor. The warfare state has been trampling the Constitution for a long time.

Beltway Bandits, Cronyism and the DoD’s Exclusive Contracts

Amazon’s bid for $10 billion cloud computing deal has competitors crying foul.

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