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Parents As Enemy

Gender theory conquers Philadelphia public schools

The Philadelphia public schools just put their principals through a boot camp that featured indoctrination into gender theory — on account of SAFETY, of course. “Safety” is the universal solvent of traditional gender and sexual norms in public schools. Here’s what school personnel in Philly are trained to do if they find a student who calls himself or herself transgender:

Explicit in the district’s policy is the belief that any student’s feelings about their gender identity are the most important consideration. If a student comes to the principal saying they wish to identify as transgender, it’s incumbent on you to be sensitive, Overton told the new principals, who read and discussed the policy and role-played situations that might crop up inside their schools.

“I would say, ‘Does your parent know? If not, would you like me to be there to help you tell them? Or do you want them not to know?’” said Overton. In one case, a student fearful for their safety if a parent found out they identified as transgender is known by one name at school, but is called by their legal name around their parent and in correspondence from the school.

“We are going to respect the child’s right to safety,” Overton said. “Make sure that’s really clear to your staff.”

So the public schools of Philadelphia are committed to formally lying to parents of its students, for the sake of advancing this cause. Because safety.

Emily Zinos is a Minnesota parent who saw her children’s school, Nova Academy, destroyed by two zealous parents of a trans child. In 2017, she wrote about why parents have to get involved in activism to save their kids’ schools before it’s too late. Excerpt:

Gender activism moves fast, is well-funded, and directs a significant amount of resources at public schools. The tragic consequences of this ideology are all around us—teen girls getting mastectomies, minors put at risk of being sterilized by synthetic hormones, and a gag on scientific inquiry—but who will dare say the Emperor has no clothes? With public schools fast becoming incubators of gender ideology, parents need to cast off their fears of entering the fray, speak out, and, most importantly, teach their children that their sex is a beautiful, biological reality.

If it is not already in your children’s school, it will be. Are you ready for it? As far as these activists and their fellow travelers in the educational bureaucracy are concerned, you, mom and dad, are the enemy.



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