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Oscars Recap: The Reviews

The 2013 Academy Awards are now on the books, and the only question left is: which of these movies are actually worth paying money to see? TAC has answers:

Winner of Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay:

Winner of Best Actor and Production Design:

Winner of Best Foreign Language Film:

Life of Pi
Winner of Best Director, Cinematography, Original Score, Visual Effects:

Zero Dark Thirty
Winner of Best Sound Editing

  • Noah Millman gives Zero Dark Thirty a deep, thorough consideration and concludes “Don’t go to this movie to learn whether torture was necessary or not to get bin Laden. Go to this movie to understand why we – not just the Bush Administration or the CIA, but much of America – embraced torture.”

The Sessions

Beasts of the Southern Wild

  • Eve Tushnet “can tell you it is worth it. The things you’ve probably heard already are true: This is a lush, heart-wrenching fable about a little girl and her daddy, in a rural Louisiana enclave barely clinging to the high side of environmental apocalypse,” then gives the movie a thorough consideration.

The Master

Winner of Best Original Song, and Sound Editing:

  • We didn’t review “Skyfall” per se, but Stephen Tippins, Jr. gave James Bond himself a through review in a recent issue, finding the double-oh agent to be more than a glamorous womanizer, rather “defending the West against itself.”

Django Unchained
Winner of Best Supporting Actor and Original Screenplay:

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