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Pregnant men and other Democratic Party/Woke Capitalist dystopian dreams
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Man, there was some hardcore Democratic craziness on Capitol Hill today. Here is Aimee Arrambide, a Democratic witness before a House committee today, at a hearing on abortion rights:

There’s more from the hearing:

A Democrat witness testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on abortion rights Thursday declared that men can get pregnant and have abortions.

Aimee Arrambide, the executive director of the abortion rights nonprofit Avow Texas, was asked by Rep. Dan Bishop, R-N.C., to define what “a woman is,” to which she responded, “I believe that everyone can identify for themselves.”

“Do you believe that men can become pregnant and have abortions?” Bishop asked.

“Yes,” Arrambide replied.

The remarks from Arrambide followed a tense exchange between Bishop and Dr. Yashica Robinson, another Democrat witness, after he similarly asked her to define “woman.”

Here’s the exchange:

This is what the Democratic Party believes. These are witnesses called by the Democratic members of the Judiciary Committee. Dr. Yashica Robinson, a pro-abortion OB/GYN, refused to answer a straightforward question about whether or not she would support the right to abort a child that was halfway out of the birth canal. Dr. Robinson said that such a thing has never happened. But it most certainly has (warning: very graphic video here).

We cannot have this. This has to be stopped. These insane people cannot be allowed to set public policy.

Meanwhile, Woke Disney continues to shape the minds of the young. Witness its new Pride collection of clothing and accessories,which includes kids’ clothing like this queer Star Wars jersey:


Marx believed that capitalism was a revolutionary force. Woke Capitalism is unquestionably the most culturally revolutionary force — and that’s the only revolution that matters today. You saw this ad, I guess, from Calvin Klein:


I do not want to share a society with any of these people. Not the people in this image, not the people who made these image, not the people who profit from images like this. They are destroying us.





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