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NPR: Top 40 Radio For Satanists

'Morning Edition' airs audio of abortion procedure, with suction machine whirring and mom moaning

I thought NPR had gone about as low as it could go when it favorably reviewed a book by a trans writer arguing in favor of looting. Nope. Listen to this outtake from this story from a Michigan abortion clinic, if you have a strong stomach:


You can hear the whirr of the suction machine, and the woman groaning as her unborn child is sucked out of her womb in pieces.

I don't understand the news judgment here. Yeah, I know, NPR liberals don't consider this to be the taking of a life. But for the tens of millions of Americans who do, Morning Edition aired audio of a baby killing.

I don't understand the news judgment, and I don't understand these people. At all. Last word goes to Greg Price: