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It's International Pronouns Day! Netflix employees are walking out. And the Pentagon wants female soldiers to shut up about the ladytodger in their midst
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Did you know that today is International Pronouns Day? The US State Department would like you to get with the program:

You know that we — our government, I mean — are often the bad guys, right? How is US diplomacy going, y’all? When are we going to observe International America Screwed Over Afghans Who Helped It Day? Anyway, in celebration of International Pronouns Day, here’s a lesson in a pronoun you didn’t even know was a pronoun:

In other government news, a military reader sent me a link to the Department Of Defense policy manual for how to deal with transgendered service members. Here’s something interesting from page 35:

Got that? If you are a female service member and you do not want to share quarters with a female-presenting penis-haver, you are out of luck, bigot. The US Department of Defense says so.

What a country we have become.

Meanwhile, today in Hollywood (this video is hilarious, but NSFW):

We keep waiting for the Normie Uprising, and it never comes. Think it ever will?

UPDATE: A friend who retired not long ago from the military texts about the transgender guidance manual:

Do you know how many officer staff hours are being consumed by this sh*t? I can tell you a lot. China will invent teleporting before we get our head out of our own asses. Our military is dying by self-immolation. We used to kick ass all week then drink beer on Friday and talk about how we kicked ass all week.

UPDATE.2: Zaid understands that in these culture war fights, our media are all about manufacturing discontent:

UPDATE.3: A military source sends a series of transgender US Army training slides. Look at this one giving guidance on how to deal with a female-to-male trans soldier and “his pregnancy”:

UPDATE.4: News from the Netflix protest, via Variety:

The event attracted some high-profile talent, including “Transparent” creator Joey Soloway, who argued that Chappelle’s jokes crossed a line.

“Trans people are in the middle of a holocaust,” Soloway said in an address to the crowd. “Apartheid, murder, a state of emergency, human rights crisis, there’s a mental health crisis. There’s a suicide crisis, a bullying crisis, an anxiety, depression, self-hatred state of emergency crisis. But trans people are also out here dreaming. Dreaming of safety, dreaming to be alive, to be human, to belong and to have some time, which is privilege.”

“The line is simple: stop making things worse,” Soloway added. Soloway also called on Netflix to appoint a trans person to the board “this f*cking week.”

Joey Soloway was born Jill Soloway. Trans people are in the middle of a “holocaust”? Really? Cattle cars hauling them by the tens of thousands to incinerators? Are they really? Seems to me they are the most sacred caste in all of America, under this regime. You know, Joey-Jill, you are Jewish. Don’t you feel just a little twinge of “I’ve gone too far” when you made that comparison?

These people, I swear.

UPDATE.5: International Pronouns Day + Netflix Trans Walkout Day are two great tastes that taste great together!



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