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(Unintentionally) Pro-Trump Riots

Violent protesters and looters are not advancing justice for George Floyd
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In Minneapolis today, civil libertarians expressed their outrage over the police killing of George Floyd by liberating TV sets ‘n stuff from a Target across the street from the Third Precinct:

This really builds your civic confidence:

They also looted a liquor store.

Meanwhile, citizens in Los Angeles take out their anger on LA police, who did not kill George Floyd, but who cares about details like that?:

What that officer did to George Floyd was horrifying. All four officers involved in the Floyd incident have been fired. The FBI is coming in to investigate. Trump said today he was going to expedite this investigation. The city’s mayor is calling on the DA to charge the officer who kept his knee on Floyd’s head as he suffocated. What more could be done at this point?

A local Minneapolis TV station featured footage tonight of a black community leader begging with the protesters to stop the violence, and to focus on justice. He’s right. Rioting and looting and attacking police cars is not going to do anything to bring accountability to George Floyd’s killers. If anything, that violence is going to help re-elect Donald Trump.

UPDATE: This went up on Twitter about 9:30pm Central:

Do these businesses and the people who own them and work in them not deserve police protection? What is wrong with the Minneapolis police that they are allowing these lawless mobs to steal from the honest people of that city? Shame!

UPDATE: More bad news from Minneapolis tonight:

Well, the cops aren’t protecting businesses, so why not?

UPDATE.2: They sacked a grocery store. Nothing says “we demand justice” like stealing:

… except maybe “burn the auto parts store down”:

Half an hour ago, the grocery store the mob looted was on fire: