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Another — Doubtless Very Different — Book Launch

An evening with Rod Dreher and some friendly critics of The Benedict Option

Posted March 17th, 2017

Pharisees, Christians, and Hypocrites

A reply to Damon Linker

Posted September 9th, 2015

War, Religious Liberty, and Priorities

A reply to Alan Jacobs.

Posted August 27th, 2015

Was Origen the Caitlyn Jenner of the Transabled?

Self-mutilation in a Christian context.

Posted June 3rd, 2015

Gay Marriage and the Miscegenation Analogy

It may be more potent than you’d think – but perhaps not in the way that you’d think.

Posted April 21st, 2015

The Kiryas Joel Option

Insular communities can get what they want by putting their votes up for bid by the two parties. Is that an option for social conservatives?

Posted March 12th, 2015

Gay Bob, Christian Bob, Empathy and Tolerance

I read with interest Rod Dreher’s piece about the “Gay Bob, Christian …

Posted January 27th, 2015

And Now, For Something Completely Different – Or Perhaps Not

Contact with extra-terrestrial intelligence would have revolutionary consequences – but religions have adapted to, or successfully ignored, comparable revolutions in the past.

Posted December 2nd, 2014

A Sign From Hashem? Don’t Know. Helping Others? … Couldn’t Hurt.

Conor Friedersdorf proposes a “do unto others” approach to Christian sex talk.

Posted September 10th, 2014

Muß Es Sein?

Jonathan Rauch: The problem is that what the social secessionists are asking …

Posted July 3rd, 2014

What Is A “Religious” Film Anyway?

Religion’s ostensible decline in Hollywood is a function of changes in economics and culture

Posted February 26th, 2014

Did Islam Give Us Gay Marriage?

Damon Linker asks whether gay marriage isn’t the next logical step in a …

Posted February 19th, 2014

Ross Douthat: Please Argue With Better Atheists

In search of a stronger opposition for God

Posted January 7th, 2014

Against ‘Seriousness’

Is Islam a uniquely violent religion?

Posted April 24th, 2013

Figure and Ground

Looking back over my post from yesterday questioning whether human rights require a …

Posted May 24th, 2012

What Has Christianity To Do With Human Rights?

Ross Douthat: [T]he core of my argument [is] that much of contemporary …

Posted May 22nd, 2012

Effective Lobbies Work Both Sides Of The Aisle

Every now and again, you hear stories about how Democrats “need” to …

Posted April 26th, 2012