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Michael Who?

I guess I don’t get it even though I was saddened when Elvis died.  Two TAC blog items (admittedly Kara’s was somewhat scathing) attracting twenty comments on Michael Jackson the self-styled King of Pop.  Is there a more bizarre figure in recent American pop culture?  Dangling the baby out the window, a walking exhibit of plastic surgery what-not-to -do?  Lord of Neverland?  Omigod.  Has no one read Alan Bloom?  There might be a coup in Honduras tomorrow, Americans are dying every day in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Obama is about to adopt the Bush doctrine for holding terrorism suspects forever and ever.  If Michael Jackson is important then America probably deserves the fate of Atlantis

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Phil Giraldi is a former CIA Case Officer and Army Intelligence Officer who spent twenty years overseas in Europe and the Middle East working terrorism cases. He holds a BA with honors from the University of Chicago and an MA and PhD in Modern History from the University of London. In addition to TAC, where he has been a contributing editor for nine years, he writes regularly for Antiwar.com. He is currently Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest and resides with his wife of 32 years in Virginia horse country close to his daughters and grandchildren. He has begun talking far too much to his English bulldog Dudley of late, thinks of himself as a gourmet cook, and will not drink Chardonnay under any circumstances. He does not tweet, and avoids all social media.

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