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McCarthy Heads for the Revolving Door

State of the Union: Kevin McCarthy to leave Congress by the end of the year.

House Minority Leader McCarthy Briefs Press In Weekly News Conference

Three days after his removal as Speaker of the House, Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California told members of the media, “I’m not resigning. I’m staying, so don’t worry.”

"We’re going to keep the majority,” McCarthy proclaimed, “I’m going to help the people I got here, and we’re going to expand it." McCarthy’s remarks were in response to a CNN report claiming McCarthy was going to resign. Two months later, CNN has been proven right: McCarthy is headed for the door.


In a Wall Street Journal editorial, McCarthy announced he has “decided to depart the House at the end of this year to serve America in new ways. I know my work is only getting started.”

McCarthy’s farewell address reads like a CV. “I helped lead Republicans to a House majority—twice,” McCarthy claimed. “We got more Republican women, veterans and minorities elected to Congress at one time than ever before. I remained cheerfully persistent when elected speaker because I knew what we could accomplish.” And, McCarthy added, “even with slim margins in the House, we passed legislation to secure the border, achieve energy independence, reduce crime, hold government accountable and establish a Parents’ Bill of Rights. We did exactly what we said we would do.”

One might ponder why the majority in the House was so slim to begin with. Maybe it had something to do with McCarthy’s money men spending exorbitant amounts of cash in GOP primaries to damage America First candidates who suggested a change in Republican congressional leadership  was necessary. One also wonders who McCarthy was trying to impress with this CV—its placement in the chosen newspaper of the establishment and financial center-right should provide some insight. 

Surprisingly, McCarthy left the strongest point on his resume out of his editorial: He’s a talented fundraiser. But for those who read the Wall Street Journal and might consider hiring McCarthy as a lobbyist for their cause, they already know that. They’ve been signing checks for McCarthy for years.