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Live Stream: TAC’s 7th Annual Foreign Policy Conference

Beyond 2020: The Future of Realism and Restraint in a Chaotic World

As we count down to the presidential election, one thing seems certain: foreign policy isn’t going to change very much. Joe Biden has made it clear he wants to return to the liberal internationalist policies of the Obama administration. And while Donald Trump has begun withdrawing some troops from places like Afghanistan and Germany, he’s also doubled down on the GOP’s long-standing bellicosity for Iran.

Where does all this leave restrainers and realists? Is there hope for a noninterventionist foreign policy in the near future? Can the Blob, that vast hawkish network of Washington advisors and think tanks, ever be reined in?

Join us at TAC’s seventh annual foreign policy conference as we discuss the answers to those questions and more, and address approaches for defeating these entrenched interests to finally bring about the sane foreign policy that the American people desire.

The livestream will begin below at 8 AM, check the schedule here.



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