I had thought that I was done writing about Palin for a bit, but this J.P. Freire statement cries out for a reply:

But if you’re really after the measure of the man (so to speak), you don’t look to nail her on foreign policy stuff that no reasonable person would expect her to know as an Alaskan governor.

Perhaps no reasonable person would expect her to know anything about foreign policy as governor of Alaska, which doesn’t say much for the reasonableness of McCain campaign staffers for pushing the ludicrous idea that Alaska’s proximity to Russia constituted foreign policy experience.  Let’s try to remember that this hacktastic spin came from McCain’s campaign and their supporters, and Palin willingly went along in making this farcical claim on more than one occasion.  It is now supposed to be evidence of journalistic misconduct to make the mistake of taking the campaign’s own idiotic statements as though they were serious.  Duly noted.  Whenever the McCain campaign claims anything about either candidate, we should assume that it is equally nonsensical and give it no credence.