America’s antiwar correspondent. Scott McConnell remembers the career and work of William Pfaff, the great critic of U.S. foreign policy and TAC contributor, who passed away on April 30.

William Pfaff: clarity in the American interest. James Fallows also pays tribute to Pfaff.

Did Reagan win the Vietnam War? Andrew Bacevich reviews Christian Appy’s American Reckoning: The Vietnam War and Our National Identity for the current issue of TAC.

Uncle Sam, hand holder. Paul Pillar criticizes the U.S. government’s tendency to indulge its clients’ complaints and anxieties.

Germany and Israel. Der Spiegel reports on critics of German policy towards Israel.

Oman’s balancing act. Sigurd Neubauer and Alex Vatanka explain how Oman tries to strike a balance in its foreign policy between Saudi Arabia and Iran.