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The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

Trump and the six-trillion-dollar question. Andrew Bacevich responds to Trump’s address to Congress and the president’s enthusiasm for even more wasteful military spending.

The Houthis are not Hezbollah. Joost Hiltermann and April Longley Alley explain that Yemen’s Houthis are not an Iranian proxy and why escalation in Yemen is the wrong thing to do.

The state of Trump’s State Department. Julia Ioffe reports on a State Department that is demoralized and lacking guidance on what it should be doing under the new administration.

Downplaying the U.S. contribution to Yemen’s impending famine. Adam Johnson calls attention to the U.S. role in enabling the Saudi-led war and the disastrous humanitarian consequences that have followed from it, and faults Western media for mostly ignoring that role.

Who is Jon Huntsman? Daniel DePetris comments on the possibility that Huntsman could be named to serve as Deputy Secretary of State.

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