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The Odd Idea of a Trump-Rubio Ticket

It’s still awfully early to start speculating about possible VP candidates, but Jacob Heilbrunn has a suggestion [1] for Trump:

Perhaps there is a final option for neocons such as Kristol, however. It’s that Trump reaches out to Florida senator Marco Rubio to be his vice president. Before his battering at the hands of Trump — who crowned him ‘little Marco’ — Rubio was the neocons’ finest creation. He is a foreign policy ultra-hawk who touted as his campaign slogan nothing less than a ‘new American century’. On Tuesday, Rubio indicated he would back Trump. Might Trump return the favour by making him his running mate?

A Trump-Rubio ticket would enable a Trump-neocon rapprochement.

If neoconservatives weren’t allergic to the idea of rapprochement, I could almost see this working, but it won’t. For one thing, Rubio represents everything about the GOP that the average Trump supporter can’t stand about the party. Adding Rubio to the ticket wouldn’t provide balance or unity so much as it would convince Trump’s heretofore loyal backers that he was already selling them out. It would represent a betrayal of the supporters of both men at the same time. Trump would be crazy to offer, and Rubio would have to be out of his mind to agree.

Rubio’s one-time fans are already mortified [2] that he is willing to support Trump as the nominee. They would be apoplectic if he were to accept a spot on the ticket. Anti-Trump die-hards have taken to applying the absurd label of “Vichy Republican” to anyone that joins with Trump, and they would do the same to Rubio. Then there is Rubio himself. Not only would he instantly lose whatever standing he still has with his boosters if he accepted, but he would have to humiliate himself for six months as Trump’s defender and surrogate after having spent the end of his campaign attacking Trump in every way possible.

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17 Comments To "The Odd Idea of a Trump-Rubio Ticket"

#1 Comment By KevinS On May 12, 2016 @ 4:15 pm

Great, then Trump would have VP who previously denounced him as a con-man, a lunatic about to gain control of the nation’s nuclear arsenal, and unfit to be president and commander-in-chief. “Odd” does not begin to capture the absurdity of this idea.

#2 Comment By Myron Hudson On May 12, 2016 @ 5:02 pm

Right. Having gotten to where he is with no help from the GOP, Trump should suddenly recruit the entitled do-nothing that the GOP tried in vain to foist on us instead. In Trump speak, that would be a loser move.

I miss William F. Buckley Jr. The GOP is pretty much circling the bowl right now.

#3 Comment By R.S. Rogers On May 12, 2016 @ 6:27 pm

Great, then Trump would have VP who previously denounced him as a con-man

Not without precedent: Ronald Reagan chose as his VP a man who had previously accurately described Reagan’s fiscal platform as “voodoo economics.”

Still, I don’t get the concern with what Rubio’s supporters think about it. If Rubio is not on the ticket with Trump, his national political career will be over, so it won’t matter what his supporters think of him. If he is on the ticket, he’ll either be the establishment’s man in the White House, in which case it won’t matter whether his supporters are angry at him now, or he will be the one bright spot on an otherwise embarrassing blowout of a defeat. Either way, he’ll be better off than if he didn’t join the ticket.

#4 Comment By Acilius On May 12, 2016 @ 6:42 pm

I agree it’s ridiculous at this time to speculate about who Trump’s running mate will be, but that won’t stop me! He’s been saying he wants someone with extensive experience in elective office, which in the case of VP candidates usually means a multi-term US Senator. Trump badly needs help with female voters, so I suspect he’ll look for a woman. The only female Republican senators beyond their first terms are Susan Collins of Maine, whose issue profile would certainly cost Trump way more votes than he can afford to lose from social conservatives, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. So I suspect the ticket will be Trump-Murkowski.

#5 Comment By Noah172 On May 12, 2016 @ 7:11 pm

So I suspect the ticket will be Trump-Murkowski

Voted for Gang of 8. Pro-choice. Humiliated Tea Party. Up for re-elect. Not happening.

He’s been saying he wants someone with extensive experience in elective office… Trump badly needs help with female voters, so I suspect he’ll look for a woman

Jan Brewer. No Washington experience, but popular executive, complements Trump’s key issue and “tell it like it is” persona, moderate on health care, not stained with connection to Bush years.

#6 Comment By John On May 12, 2016 @ 11:03 pm

Oh yes, the “neocon vote.” How will Trump ever get by without that?

#7 Comment By EliteCommInc. On May 12, 2016 @ 11:20 pm

I guess this is the second biggest test of Mr. Trump. The test of whether he has the skills and ability to listen, incorporate and yet stand where he came in.

One cannot and should simply dismiss the establishment. But any sign of bending their direction would be disconcerting.

What they are entertaining now should have been engaged four months ago. A polite listen is appropriate.

And there is no opponent that should be considered for anything. The fact that they engaged this never Mr. Trump, should say enough.

I am not sure there is any hurry. Seems a good idea to get the nomination issue settled first.

#8 Comment By jk On May 13, 2016 @ 8:20 am

Still don’t understand why Neocons should pander to Trump when they have Hillary.

Maybe Rubio is really concerned about post-Senate employment if the Saudi Lobbyist job falls through.

And I do not understand why Trump and Sanders think they still have to kowtow to Israel.

Israel First, America Last Likud Republicans will never vote for Sanders or Trump.

#9 Comment By PA Trumpeter On May 13, 2016 @ 2:40 pm

Having failed to stop Trump, the neocons now suck up to him. It’s a way back to all that lovely power and money, far more important than pride, principle, “NeverTrump” or any of the portentous-sounding crap about basic conservative principle (don’t you love being lectured in the nature of conservatism by former liberals, socialists and Communists?)

Pride and principle don’t enter into it. They’ll suck up to Trump as they sucked up to Bush, McCain, and Romney. It’s all about their ability to keep the money ball rolling and do stuff for Israel in general and Netanyahu in particular.

The bigger and more troubling question is whether Trump is gonna suck up to the neocons.

I hope he and his people understand that if he starts bringing in neocons, he’s finished. It is one of the few things he could do that could make lots of voters and important supporters not just NOT vote for him and sit out the next election, but actively work for his defeat.

#10 Comment By Ken T On May 13, 2016 @ 3:32 pm

jk, you beat me to it. They have a full-blown, no compromise neocon candidate in Hillary. They will agree 100% with her economic policies; and they couldn’t care less about the social/culture war issues that she champions in order to claim “liberal” standing. So why on earth would they compromise with Trump to get half a loaf, when Hillary gives them everything they want?

#11 Comment By EliteCommInc. On May 13, 2016 @ 3:58 pm

There is only one opponent that was not on the “Never Mr Trump” bandwagon, that was Dr. Ben Carson.

One of Mr. Trump’s mistakes was to go after him as he did. Completely unnecessary and yet, Ben Carson did not respond in kind. In fact the not candidate who embodied a consistent civility was Dr. Ben Carson. Had he hl some different positions, I think he would have faired much netter.

The old standard of selecting a VP because of some manner of appeasing to garner votes is something that I think Mr. Trump can forgo.

Th actual purpose of selecting a VP is to maintain a line of order that enables government to function.

It makes no sense to select anyone who is not going to support the agenda one has chosen for the country, if upon some unfortunate circumstance the executive is unable to serve.

In other words, with whom does Mr. Trump trust his legacy to:

That is the issue. And in my mind, no candidate who engaged in the slanderous and low brow personal assails would foot that bill. I am not contending that Dr. Carson would. But what I am saying, it defeats the purpose of the last year to have as one’s running mate someone who is on different page.

A second who’s agenda is that of the other team —

History is replete with such examples.

#12 Comment By Clint On May 13, 2016 @ 4:19 pm

It’s interesting seeing neoconservatives like William Kristol exposing themselves for what they are.
Kristol is now asking for a third Party candidate,which shows how desperate these neoconservatives have become, now that their last man standing hit the floor.

#13 Comment By robz On May 13, 2016 @ 5:37 pm

Thirty or so years ago, Trump was calling up journalists and pretending to be someone else. He’d tell the journalists all sorts of great facts about Donald. Eventually, he admitted in a court case that he’d made some calls under one of the names he gave some of the journalists. Friends of Donald who’ve listened to the tapes say it was him. Even so, now he’s denying that he ever made the calls. What a shameless liar.

#14 Comment By Clint On May 13, 2016 @ 8:13 pm

What a shameless liar.

Then again,there’s the Democrats’ shameless liar.

Hillary named after Sir Edmund,Hillary,Hillary being turned down by The Marines,Hillary under sniper fire,Hillary blames Benghazi on a youtube video.

#15 Comment By Noseholders For Trump On May 14, 2016 @ 12:07 am

” It is one of the few things he could do that could make lots of voters and important supporters not just NOT vote for him and sit out the next election, but actively work for his defeat.”

I’ve been holding my nose and preparing to vote for him for two months now. If he starts talking the neocon talk or hiring any neocons I’m going to stop holding my nose and vote libertarian like my conscience has been urging me to do since I started holding my nose.

#16 Comment By RobZ On May 15, 2016 @ 9:35 am

“Hillary named after Sir Edmund,Hillary,Hillary being turned down by The Marines,Hillary under sniper fire,Hillary blames Benghazi on a youtube video.”

Ok, I admit that I had to look these things up. Here’s what I found: It’s not at all clear that Hillary’s mother did not tell her when she was young that she had been named for Sir Hillary. Clinton’s old friends say that they remember her making applications to the military. Whether she was seriously considering joining is not clear. At the time of the Benghazi incident, the video was inspiring extensive riots in Middle Eastern other countries. It’s not at all surprising that Clinton was told that it was probably connected to Benghazi and in fact, some of the rioters at Benghazi are said to have been there because of the video.

I doubt that Clinton has any kind of good explanation for the sniper fire anecdote but I saw that she made an apology for that one.

Basically, Clinton’s at most, an occasional liar. Trump says whatever he wants to say whenever he finds something that he thinks works for him at that moment. True or false? Doesn’t matter to him.

Clinton has plenty of flaws. Being a frequent and shameless liar is not one of them.

Trump is at best, a showman intent on making himself look as big as possible. He’s not a conservative in any real sense.

#17 Comment By rayray On May 16, 2016 @ 12:38 am

No one lies like Trump. Not even worth getting into…there’s no comparison.

Hillary may be a experienced player…but that also means she’s experienced enough to know not to lie, which is ultimately an amateur’s game. Which is why the Benghazi thing rolls off her back despite the GOP’s mighty (and foolish) efforts. They just don’t get her…you may not like her but she’s breathtakingly disciplined.

Cruz is also experienced in this game and can shamelessly spin like no one I’ve ever seen. Also unlikeable, but too smart to really tell an outright lie.

Trump however, just says whatever he feels like, minus any discipline or regard for truth or even regard for consistency. If his mouth is open God knows what is going to come out. Because he’s not a politician, nor does he have any principles. So why not just bat the ball into a pile of horses*&% and see what happens? It’s a mess, it’s a national embarrassment…but it sure is fun!