Daniel DePetris puts the Ronny Jackson debacle in the context of the Trump administration’s general incompetence and propensity for self-sabotage:

Whether it was the frenetic roll out of the Muslim travel ban last year, Trump’s constant undercutting of the party line, or the vindictive infighting within the administration itself, the Ronny Jackson story is not simply about Ronny Jackson. It’s also about a presidency that can’t seem to do anything but make problems for itself. And as long as chaos and turbulence reign, Americans should prepare themselves for watching the same movie over and over again in the future.

In addition to the administration’s complete failure to do their due diligence with a would-be Cabinet secretary, the Jackson episode was instructive for driving home just how little Trump cares about having competent people in charge of government departments. We already knew this from many of Trump’s other unqualified Cabinet members and agency heads (including his latest nominee for Secretary of State), but Jackson’s nomination to run the second-largest department of the federal government and the one responsible for the welfare of America’s veterans was a particularly insulting joke of a choice. Jackson’s withdrawal amid scandal and intense criticism ended an embarrassing spectacle that should never have been allowed to happen. Whatever the truth to the allegations against him, he had no business running a major government department and should never have been considered, much less nominated, for the job. It speaks volumes about how little concern for veterans the Trump administration actually has that it would take the responsibility of selecting a suitable VA secretary so lightly.