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The Iran Obsession Is Getting Worse

The Trump administration’s Iran obsession threatens [1] to drag the U.S. into new and unnecessary conflict in Syria:

U.S. officials are wrestling with where and how to repel what they describe as a significant Iranian military expansion across the region, a development of increasing concern in Washington, Tel Aviv and Riyadh.

“Our leadership has set as an objective not to allow Iran and its proxies to be able to establish a presence in Syria [bold mine-DL] that they can use to threaten our allies or us in the region,” one senior U.S. administration official said. “There are different ways to implement that, and we are still working through them.”

Syria is Iran’s main regional ally, and Iran and its proxies have firmly established their presence there over the last five years and more. It is the height of hubris to imagine that the U.S. is in a position “not to allow” something that has been happening at least since 2011. Even if it were within America’s power to keep Iran and its proxies out of Syria, it would come at an unacceptably high cost and it would be completely unnecessary for U.S. security. The “allies” that may be threatened by the presence of Iran and its proxies in Syria are more than capable of providing for their own defense. More to the point, they aren’t actually our allies and the U.S. is under no obligation to police Syria for their benefit.

I call the Trump administration’s fixation on and hostility towards Iran as an obsession because it is so clearly irrational and separated from any discernible U.S. security interest. If Iran and its proxies have an ongoing presence in Syria, that poses no threat to the U.S. American forces shouldn’t be put at risk to put a stop to it, and the sooner all American forces are withdrawn from Syria the better.

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3 Comments To "The Iran Obsession Is Getting Worse"

#1 Comment By Anne Mendoza On December 14, 2017 @ 4:13 am

It is beyond belief that no one in the leadership is calling the U.S. on its illegal military presence in a sovereign nation. Are Americans even aware that the U.S. military presence in Syria is completely illegal? Not from coverage in the press they don’t. Do Americans even care that we are the lawless regime in Syria? They don’t appear to.

#2 Comment By Christian Chuba On December 14, 2017 @ 8:30 am

How does Iran’s presence in Syria threaten us, how is that our business, why is this even unreasonable after what they have been through?

We are keeping our forces in Eastern Syria, a relatively stable portion controlled by the Kurds because even we are saying that a Sunni terrorist cauldron could flare up again. So why wouldn’t the Syrians, Iranians, Iraqis, and Lebanese want to establish an infrastructure where they could facilitate a common defensive infrastructure. Haven’t they suffered enough?

Israel is on edge because of a theoretical future threat. The Shia and Christians have already lost tens of thousands of actual people yet are not entitled to prepare for their own defense. If Iran moved thousands of tanks next to the the Golan Heights, okay, that would justify some reaction but this hysteria is out of proportion in the context of current events.

#3 Comment By b. On December 14, 2017 @ 3:42 pm

The question that interests me most – where is the so-called “resistance”? In comparison with 2002-2003, it appears that The People, by and large, could not care less about Yemen, North Korea, or Iran, each of which has the potential for a body count vastly exceeding what the US did to Iraq.

Our “allies” and our so-called “elites” are big on collective punishment. If this is to be a Republic, we have no claim to be spared accountability for what we let happen in our name – much less what far too many of us are happy and willing to endorse.