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The House Rejects Arms Sales and Rebukes Trump’s Bogus ‘Emergency’

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) (Instagram/Office of Ro Khanna)

The House passed the three Senate resolutions of disapproval on the bogus “emergency” arms sales that Trump is trying to deliver to Saudi Arabia and the UAE:

Congress and President Trump are headed for a second veto showdown over Saudi Arabia after the House approved three resolutions Wednesday to block emergency arms sales to the kingdom.

Wednesday’s votes on the Senate-passed measures send them to Trump’s desk, where he is expected to use his veto pen for a third time.

The House approved two of the resolutions 238-190 and the third resolution 237-190. For all three resolutions, four Republicans voted yes: Reps. Mike Gallagher (Wis.), Trey Hollingsworth (Ind.), Thomas Massie (Ky.) and Alex Mooney (W.V.). Newly independent Rep. Justin Amash (Mich.) also supported the resolutions.

A majority of both chambers has stated that they oppose these arms sales and the phony “emergency” that Trump and Pompeo made up to circumvent Congress. The president is expected to veto these measures, but he is doing so over the express objections of most of Congress and in defiance of public opinion. The U.S. continues to enable Saudi coalition war crimes in Yemen solely because of Trump’s veto of S.J.Res. 7 earlier this year, and our government will continue to arm the war criminal governments in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi solely because of Trump’s expected vetoes of these bills. When Trump vetoes these measures, he will have mostly used his veto power to protect the Saudis and the UAE and to keep the flow of weapons going to an atrocious war that implicates our government in thousands of war crimes.

Opposition to arms sales to the Saudis and the UAE was once the concern of a small minority of lawmakers, and now it is a regular majority position thanks to the tireless work of Rep. Khanna and his antiwar colleagues in the House and Sens. Murphy, Sanders, Lee and their colleagues in the Senate. The fight to shut down these arms sales and end U.S. involvement in the war on Yemen hasn’t ended, and each time that Congress acts to end these things the more attention they bring to these issues and the more support they gain.

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