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So Long, And Thanks For All The Cash

With Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pressing for quick ratification of the New START treaty, Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) reiterated again on Wednesday there wasn’t enough time left in this lame-duck session of Congress to consider it. ~The Politico

Last week, there seemed to be a slight chance that the continuing resolution and tax deal would set the stage for bringing the treaty up for debate and a vote. So much for that. At this point, I assume we can all agree that Kyl never had any intention of debating and voting on the treaty in the lame-duck session, and all of the frenetic lobbying of the last three weeks was not going to change that. Perhaps Kyl held out the prospect of bringing up the treaty this year to make sure that Lugar agreed to the Senate GOP’s filibuster threat ahead of the tax deal, and once the deal was made he could revert to his earlier stalling. Of course, when Kyl insists that the treaty needs as much as two weeks to debate an arms reduction treaty, it is easy for him to conclude that there is “not enough time,” as he has set the bar so high that there never could have been enough time.

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