Bob Corker confirmed again that Trump is ready to renege on the nuclear deal with Iran:

President Donald Trump is “perfectly fine walking away from” the Iran nuclear deal next month if an agreement isn’t reached with European partners to address his concerns, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) said Wednesday.

Nothing has changed since Corker said the same thing last month. This is the latest confirmation that the president is on track to make what is probably the most irrational and pointlessly destructive decision of his presidency to date. Withdrawing from the nuclear deal serves only to please hard-liners here and bad client states in the Middle East. It deals a body blow to the cause of nonproliferation, throws away a major diplomatic achievement, and makes war with Iran more likely. Short of starting a war, it is arguably the single-most harmful decision Trump could make, and as Corker said he is “perfectly fine” with making it.

Reneging on the JCPOA gains the U.S. nothing except the opportunity to reimpose sanctions that are no longer needed. It will needlessly strain relations with our European allies, who see no reason for U.S. withdrawal and presumably resent being told that they have to “fix” an agreement that the U.S. made alongside them just three years ago. It will irk the many other governments that cooperated with the U.S. by reducing or ending commercial relationships with Iran only to see the U.S. blow up the deal that resulted from the process they supported. It will signal to adversaries and allies alike that the U.S. is unreliable and cannot be trusted to honor its agreements.

Trump takes pride in his willingness to walk away from deals because he thinks it gives him an advantage in negotiations, but it doesn’t. He breaks agreements and then thinks that this will force the other parties to make more concessions, but this never happens. Abrogating agreements that have already been concluded doesn’t give the U.S. any advantage, but just throws away whatever benefits the U.S. might receive in exchange for absolutely nothing.