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Pompeo’s Perverse Yemen Rhetoric

Mike Pompeo, CIA director (Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons)

The Senate didn’t go for Pompeo and Mattis’ sales pitch for the war on Yemen on Wednesday. That’s because it was filled with dishonest nonsense like this:

The truth is that Saudi Arabia and the UAE have used their donations as another weapon of war while doing everything in their power to worsen the humanitarian crisis that their policies created. Saudi “aid” efforts have been denounced by humanitarian organizations as a “war tactic,” and the Saudi government has used its donations to buy good publicity from aid agencies and silence criticism. The “investments” that the Saudi coalition governments have made are little more than poorly-concealed bribes to relieve international pressure, and these same governments have used their donations as leverage to blackmail the U.N. in the past.

The absurdity of Pompeo’s position becomes clear when we remember that Yemen would not be suffering from the world’s worst humanitarian crisis were it not for the Saudi coalition’s intervention, blockade, and interference in Yemen’s economy. The governments responsible for causing the displacement of millions of people and creating famine conditions potentially affecting up to 14 million do not merit praise for throwing a little money at the catastrophe they have unleashed. Iran’s interest in assisting suffering Yemenis or lack thereof is truly beside the point when it is the Saudi coalition backed by the U.S. that has caused so much of that suffering. War criminals do not get credit when they throw some cash at the wreckage of the country they have destroyed, and Pompeo’s attempt to give Saudi Arabia credit for “relieving” suffering in Yemen is as perverse and disgusting as it gets.

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