So the polls have closed in Kentucky and Indiana, and as of right now, Sodrel and Hill are neck and neck (with a slight lead for Hill) in IN-09 with 89% reporting. CNN has called the race for Hill.  IN-08, the Bloody Eighth, right now looks extremely bloody with 56% reporting (incumbent Hostettler has 38%, Ellsworth has 62%).  CNN has projected Ellsworth as the winner.  Those IN-08 numbers are almost sure to even out a bit in the course of the evening, but you typically don’t want to spot your opponent a 30 point lead at any point in the returns.  IN-02, the other expected disaster zone for the Republicans in Indiana, shows Chocola trailing 47-53 with 83% reporting.  CNN has called the race for Donnelly.  KY-O2 has re-elected Lewis (R).  KY-04 has gone for Davis (R).

Running Count: Dems +28 in House, +5 in Senate

KY-03: Yarmuth wins!  I can mark off one of my predictions as correct.

AZ-05: Mitchell leads Hayworth by seven with 88% reporting.  CNN projects Mitchell to be the winner.

AZ-08: Kolbe’s open seat falls to Giffords (D).

CA-11: Pombo trails by two with 16% reporting.

CO-04: Musgrave is down one with 20% reporting.

CO-07: Perlmutter wins.

CT-02: Simmons leads with 66% reporting. 

CT-04: Shays leads by three with 14% reporting.

CT-05: Murphy takes an early lead over Johnson (R) by 12 with 43% reporting.  CNN projects Murphy as winner.

FL-13: Buchanan (R) leads by two with 98% reporting in Katherine Harris’ old district.  He seems very likely to be elected at this point.  Republicans hold the seat.

FL-16: Mahoney leads slightly with 91% reporting.  CNN projects Mahoney as the winner.

FL-22: Shaw (R) trails by four with 90% reporting.  CNN has projected Klein as the winner.

GA-08 (Dem-held): Dem incumbent leading with 62% reporting.

GA-12 (Dem-held): Dem incumbent slightly ahead with 71% reporting.

IA-01: Braley creams Whalen (R) 56-43 with 71% reporting.  CNN calls it for Braley.

IA-02: Loebsack unseats Leach, one of the only six Republicans to vote against the Iraq war.  He and Hostettler didn’t get much credit for doing the right thing, did they?

IL-06: Roskam wins.

IL-08 (Dem-held): Melissa Bean wins re-election.

KS-02: Boyda leads Ryun by 4 with 78% reporting.  CNN has called it for Boyda.

MN-01: Walz wins.

MN-06: Bachmann wins.

Missouri Senate: It wasn’t looking promising for McCaskill most of the night, but she has hung around long enough to grab the lead and she has just declared victory.  Talent has conceded.

Montana Senate: Tester wins.

NC-11: Shuler leads by six with 51% reporting.  Shuler projected as winner by CNN.

NE-03: Smith leads Kleeb by ten with 80% reporting.

NH-01: Bradley (R) loses rather unexpectedly.

NH-02: Hodes (D) leads by eight with 77% reporting.  CNN has called the race for Hodes.

NM-01: Unbelievable.  That woman has returned from the political dead again.  Apparently she does have some kind of absolute claim to that House seat that can be overcome by nothing known to mortal man.  She now leads by a margin of 1,318 with 99% counted, which almost certainly means that she wins.  The First District is apparently constitutionally incapable of not electing a Republican.  C’est la vie.  Update: There are a few outstanding precincts left, but they would have to go so heavily for Madrid that it would make even the normally lax election officials of the state government blush and feel a little embarrassed at the obvious vote-rigging.

NY-19: Hall wins.

NY-20: Gillibrand leads Sweeney by six with 72% reporting.  CNN has projected that Gillibrand wins.

NY-24: Arcuri leads Meier by 7 with 83% reporting.  CNN projects Arcuri as winner, putting the Dems over the top at +15.

NY-25: Walsh wins.

NY-26: Reynolds leads by four with 95% reporting.  Reynolds lives to mismanage another day.

NY-29: Kuhl wins.

OH-02: Schmidt wins by two.

OH-15: Pryce wins by two.  The great Ohio/Foley effect was not what it was cracked up to be (and what yours truly thought it would be).

OH-18: Zack Space is taking care of business, 61-39, with 51% reporting.  CNN has projected Space the winner, as most everyone expected.

PA-04: Altmire is beating Hart (R) by four with 95% reporting.  CNN projects Altmire as the winner.

PA-06: Incumbent Gerlach trails by just over 1,700 votes with 78% reporting.

PA-07: Sestak beats Weldon.

PA-08: Murphy wins.

PA-10: Carney is whipping Sherwood 55-45 with 67% reporting.  CNN has called it for Carney.

Tennessee Senate: Corker wins 51-48%.

TX-22: Lampson leads Sekula-Gibbs 54-40 with 90% reporting.  DeLay’s seat is, as everyone expected, gone.

VA-02: Drake wins by two.

Virginia Senate: Webb leads 50-49 with 99% reporting.

WI-08: Kagen leads Gard by four with 67% reporting.  CNN called the race for Kagen.

WY-AL: Trauner and Cubin are tied with 81% reporting.

CNN has already called Ohio governor for Strickland (D), who has a whopping great lead of 35 points with the first release of results.  They have also called Ohio Senate for Brown (D).

Pennsylvania Senate has been called for Casey.  How, well, not surprising that is.

New Jersey Senate has already been called for Menendez.

CNN calls Rhode Island for Whitehouse, which seems pretty bold to me, but there it is.

More updates as I find them.