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A Saudi Coalition Massacre in Sanaa

The Saudi coalition launched an airstrike today in Sanaa’s Al-Tahrir Square in the middle of rush hour. There are reportedly at least 100 dead and injured:

The Norwegian Refugee Council issued a statement in response to the attack:

The Norwegian Refugee Council is appalled by Saudi-led coalition strikes on a highly-populated business district in Sana’a earlier today. We abhor the ongoing use of violence to intimidate civilian populations under the guise of efforts to protect them. Yemeni people are not collateral. Adherence to the laws of war is not optional.

The strikes that took place in Sana’a today are more visible to us because of their proximity to the homes of our staff but follow a trend of underreported attacks on civilians across the country. In recent weeks, Yemeni civilians have been killed in their homes, driving their cars, and at social gatherings. Since the start of the year, over 460 Yemeni people fled their homes every day, many with nowhere safe to go. On top of this, an impending rainy season threatens to create a third outbreak of cholera. The sustained obstruction to imports through Red Sea Ports plays havoc with the food people need to survive.

This latest massacre of civilians proves once again that Saudi coalition forces bomb Yemen indiscriminately and with flagrant disregard for the lives of civilians. These are the attacks that U.S. arms and refueling make possible. These are the crimes that the U.S. is aiding and abetting as long as it provides military assistance to the Saudis and their allies. For the sake of innocent Yemenis and the interests of the U.S., this assistance must be stopped at once.

Update: The attack earlier today was another so-called “double tap” strike. More than 60 are confirmed killed and injured.

Second Update: Confirmation that 96 civilians were killed and injured in today’s attack.

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