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20+ Yemeni Women and Children Killed in Saudi Coalition Airstrike

Once again, a Saudi coalition airstrike has struck a group of displaced people in Yemen and killed more than 20 women and children:

The attack struck people fleeing from Hodeidah, the vitally important port city that the coalition has been attacking for the last few months. Coalition airstrikes have killed displaced Yemenis in and around Hodeidah in the past, and now they are killing them as they try to flee the fighting. Two weeks ago, the coalition murdered over 50 people in a crowded marketplace in Dahyan in northern Yemen, and today they have committed another massacre of dozens of innocent Yemenis who were trying to get away from the disastrous coalition offensive on Hodeidah.

Today’s attack comes less than a day after Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) blocked Sen. Murphy’s amendment that called for a halt to all U.S. support for the Saudi coalition. It is just the latest in a string of coalition war crimes that the U.S. has made possible through its ongoing enabling of the bombing campaign. U.S. military assistance to the coalition allows them to carry out these crimes against Yemeni civilians and makes our government complicit in these senseless killings. The Senate needs to take up Sen. Murphy’s amendment and vote to end this despicable policy.

Update: The death toll from the attack has risen to 31.

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