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The U.S. Keeps Covering for Saudi Crimes in Yemen

The fact that the U.S. wanted language warning about famine removed from the resolution is a tacit admission of our government’s shared responsibility for creating the famine.

Posted December 26th, 2018

Trump’s Scramble for Africa

U.S. security interests aren’t threatened by Chinese and Russian influence in Africa, and framing U.S. policy for the entire continent as a zero-sum great power competition isn’t going to be very appealing to African governments.

Posted December 13th, 2018

Nauert and Trump’s Disdain for Diplomacy

The appointment of Nauert just underscores that Trump has no interest in diplomacy or expertise, and he just wants people willing to recite nonsensical talking points.

Posted December 6th, 2018

Trump’s Saudi First Foreign Policy Strikes Again

Uncritical, reflexive support for Saudi interests and preferences at the expense of everything else, including U.S. interests, has been the defining trait of Trump’s foreign policy in the region.

Posted November 27th, 2018

Report: Heather Nauert Will Be Nominated as U.N. Ambassador

This is just the latest sign that Trump doesn’t value diplomats or diplomacy.

Posted November 1st, 2018

Yemen Is Being Starved to Death

The evidence of the Saudi coalition’s cruel collective punishment of Yemen’s civilian population has been out there for a long time, and it is long past time that the U.S. stop supporting these governments as they commit crimes against humanity.

Posted October 16th, 2018

Yemen’s Famine Could Be ‘The Worst in 100 Years’

The U.N. warns that 13 million people are facing starvation if conditions do not improve.

Posted October 15th, 2018

Haley’s Poor Record at the U.N.

Haley didn’t have a good grasp of substance, and instead relied on talking points to a fault.

Posted October 10th, 2018

Report: Nikki Haley Is Resigning

Haley’s tenure as U.N. ambassador was fairly brief and not very successful.

Posted October 9th, 2018

Trump’s U.N. Stunt Backfires

Reneging on our commitments does not inspire respect.

Posted September 26th, 2018

Haley’s Big Iran Lie

Lying about Iran and its nuclear program is second nature to members of this administration, but it is still important to call out such blatant disinformation when U.S. officials say these things.

Posted September 23rd, 2018

The Media Campaign to Save Yemen

Broadcasting the horrific costs of a war fueled by our government is an important step.

Posted September 21st, 2018

The Starvation of Yemen and the Attack on Hodeidah

There will be many more preventable deaths if the coalition’s Hodeidah offensive continues.

Posted September 16th, 2018

The Iran Obsession Strikes Again

The entire exercise is likely to be embarrassing for the U.S. because it will underscore just how isolated our government is following the president’s destructive decision to renege on the JCPOA.

Posted September 4th, 2018

The U.S. Is Complicit in Saudi Coalition Massacres in Yemen

Every day that the U.S. supports this war, it allows the Saudi coalition to wage war on people that have done nothing to us and pose no threat to us.

Posted August 26th, 2018

Our Unjust and Stupid Iran Policy

It is extremely unlikely to produce the changes in regime behavior that the administration claims to want, but it will punish tens of millions of people for no good reason.

Posted August 23rd, 2018

The Saudi Coalition’s Insidious ‘Weaponization of Disease’

Saudi coalition forces are intentionally damaging and destroying infrastructure that Yemenis need to prevent the spread of cholera in an insidious use of preventable disease as a weapon against the civilian population.

Posted July 30th, 2018