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The Destabilizing and Reckless Mohammed bin Salman

The crown prince has made many enemies with his hasty and reckless behavior, and those enemies can only be encouraged when they see that he doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing.

Posted June 19th, 2018

A ‘Stomach-Churning’ Recipe for Endless War

Cook would have the U.S. engage in multiple unnecessary wars for the sake of keeping bad clients happy and out of Moscow’s orbit, but the clients simply aren’t worth that much to the U.S.

Posted March 19th, 2018

Haass’ Dangerous Proposal for Kurdistan

Less than 24 hours after the eruption of fighting between Kurdish forces and the Iraqi government, we are already hearing proposals from high-profile people to throw weapons at the problem.

Posted October 16th, 2017

The Backlash Against the Kurdish Referendum Escalates

Unfortunately, one of the worse scenarios that we feared might happen is beginning to unfold.

Posted October 13th, 2017

Escalating Tensions Over Kurdish Referendum

A Kurdish declaration of independence would likely trigger immediate military responses from one or more of Kurdistan’s neighbors.

Posted September 29th, 2017

The Backlash Against the Kurdish Referendum Continues

The region’s economic dependence on its neighbors makes its political independence against their wishes hard to imagine.

Posted September 27th, 2017

The Referendum Backlash Begins

The reaction so far shows how intensely hostile all of these governments are to the mere idea of a Kurdish state.

Posted September 25th, 2017

The Dangers of the Kurdish Referendum

All of this is just the start of the overwhelmingly hostile response from Iraqi Kurdistan’s neighbors.

Posted September 18th, 2017

BHL and the Exceptionally Weak Case for Kurdistan

The chief danger of establishing a new Kurdish state is that it would be violently opposed by at least three of its new neighbors.

Posted September 7th, 2017

The Case for Kurdistan Is Still Exceptionally Weak

Kurdish independence would just lead to new conflicts and more upheaval that would inflict more harm on Iraqi Kurds than on anyone else.

Posted August 31st, 2017

The Qatar Crisis Drags On

The Saudis and their allies miscalculated badly when they launched this punitive campaign.

Posted July 5th, 2017

The Problem with Kurdish Independence

Kurdish independence would spark new conflicts and complicate existing ones.

Posted June 20th, 2017

The Qatar Crisis and Trump’s Dangerous Embrace of the Saudis

Trump is putting the U.S. fully on one side of an internecine quarrel in which none of the governments involved deserves our support.

Posted June 9th, 2017

The Qatar Crisis

Turkish and Iranian support for Qatar raises the prospect of a prolonged standoff with increasing risks for all parties.

Posted June 7th, 2017

Trump and U.S. Support for Authoritarian Power-Grabs

When he sides with authoritarian leaders against their domestic opposition, Trump is unfortunately not so different from his predecessors.

Posted April 18th, 2017

Unnecessary Wars and Unreliable ‘Allies’

The U.S. needs to be more discriminating in the fights it chooses to join and the “allies” it accepts in the process.

Posted March 20th, 2017

Escalating the War on ISIS Without Debate or Authorization

U.S. military involvement in Syria continues to increase without debate or authorization from Congress.

Posted March 8th, 2017