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Jessica Yaniv: Democratic Party Poster Gal

If the Democrat-backed Equality Act had become law, women's salons would be forced to wax Yaniv's testicles
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Andrew Sullivan on Jessica Yaniv (second item in his column):

In Ricky Gervais’s words: “How did we get to the point where women are having to fight for the right to choose whether they wax some big old hairy cock and balls or not? It is not a human right to have your meat and 2 veg polished.” But, according to British Columbia’s definition of human rights, it is, if you are a woman. Female-only salons have to accept every woman, including those with balls. And according to the proposed Equality Act, the gay lobby’s chief legislative goal, backed by every Democratic candidate, it would be a human right in America as well. Yaniv has described the beauticians’ refusals as “hate crimes.” And technically, they might be.

He goes on to say that Yaniv is a “troll” and an “extreme outlier” — but he’s honest enough to say:

The trouble is, the way this issue is currently being understood, it’s hard to think of how you prevent trolls or fanatics like Yaniv from gaming the system. If your gender is determined entirely by self-definition, needs no further support or evidence, and always trumps genital biology, it’s a legal regime ripe for abuse. The current insistence that a trans woman is a woman in every single respect also ends in the absurdity of talking about a woman’s scrotum. It should be possible to defend trans women and trans men from discrimination without being forced into a surreal world, where a penis is a female organ and a vagina is a male one.

Read it all. Sullivan proposes a way to protect transgender people without giving people like Yaniv the legal means to compel people to service creeps like Yaniv.

Note well: “And according to the proposed Equality Act, the gay lobby’s chief legislative goal, backed by every Democratic candidate, it would be a human right in America as well.” In May, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives passed the Equality Act. Every single Democrat present voted for it — and so did eight House Republicans.

If the Democrats controlled the US Senate, and the White House, the Equality Act would have become law, and salon owners across America would have had to wax the testicles of Yankee Doodle Yanivs.(And this week, more allegations, including extremely disturbing screenshots of Yaniv’s behavior online towards underaged girls, emerged.)

It’s not actually a joke. This is what is required if you believe that a person with male genitals and male DNA is a woman just because he says he is (and similarly with a woman claiming to be a man). This is what the Democratic Party supports. Really, it does. It could use common sense to modify this stance, but doing so would require Democrats to say that a core principle of gender ideology is wrong, and that maleness and femaleness does have something ineradicable to do with the body.

Brendan O’Neill explains why the mainstream media are ignoring this story — and why we cannot afford to follow their lead. Jessica Yaniv is not the product of religious conservatives’ collective imagination. Jessica Yaniv is real, and is the living embodiment of gender ideologues’ logic — a logic that has conquered the Democratic Party and the mainstream media. Liberals will accuse conservatives like me of “nutpicking” — using extreme examples of a group to discredit the entire group — because most male-to-female transgenders will not go to a women’s salon demanding a wax job on their privates. That is completely beside the point. Under laws like the Equality Act, the Jessica Yanivs of the world, however rare, would indeed have the right to that service, and those who deny them would be guilty of a civil rights violation.

This is how insane the Democrats have become because of their uncritical embrace of gender ideology. The Law of Merited Impossibility, as embodied by Jessica Yaniv: “You will never have to wax the balls of a man who presents as a woman, and when you do, bigots like you will deserve to.” This is not a what-if situation; it’s actually being decided now by a Human Rights tribunal in British Columbia. In the recent hearing, Yaniv called the Sikh woman who has been charged with a human rights violation a “neo-Nazi.”