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The Mark Of The Woke

Woke Capitalism tightens the noose around Izzy Folau

This is alarming:


News story here.

Folau is the Australian rugby superstar who was kicked out of the sport after tweeting a verse of Scripture critical of homosexuality. (Folau is a Christian.) He has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit over his sacking, and was using GoFundMe to raise money to pay his lawyers.

But now Go Fund Me has said that thought criminals like Izzy Folau cannot use its platform to raise money to defend themselves in court. Think about that: they will not allow a person to ask for money to defend his rights in court if they disapprove of the cause.

Question for conservatives: If Go Fund Me were being used by a gay-rights plaintiff to raise money to fund his courtroom crusade against an institution, would you seek to have him deplatformed? I certainly would not.

However, I’m guessing few if any of us would object if Go Fund Me refused access to a neo-Nazi raising money for a white power rally. What’s interesting is that a Christian raising money to pay for the pursuit of a court action in a religious liberty case has the same moral status as a neo-Nazi or a Klansman — because Woke Capitalism identifies him as anti-gay, and that is a thing that you cannot be, for any reason whatsoever.

Now, Go Fund Me can run itself as it wishes. It’s a private company. And Folau, who is wealthy, can certainly be criticized for asking supporters to pay for his legal bills. All of that is beside the point. The point is that because of LGBT, traditional Christians and other social conservatives are being stigmatized, pushed to the margins, and not allowed to participate in ordinary economic life, unless they have the Mark of Wokeness upon their foreheads (so to speak).

Moreover, Folau’s wife, who is also a professional athlete (netball), is now facing calls to be booted from her own sport because she tweeted support for her husband. She’s a homophobe! Get her! Liz Ellis, one of the sport’s all-time greats, tweeted:


The sport was not “endorsing” the views of her husband. Maria Folau was. And now the Woke want to kick her out of the sport because of her religious views, and because she publicly supports the man to whom she is married.

Do you not see how sinister this is, this blacklisting?

If you don’t think they’re going to come for you eventually, you’re lying to yourself.

Last week, Facebook announced the forthcoming launch of Libra, its own cryptocurrency. This image below is fake, but you must know this is going to be a possibility:

The key thing to do now is to create and sustain cryptocurrency “banks” that can be trusted not to punish people for their religious, moral, and political views. The key thing is to set up alternative funding sources for when the Woke attempt to make it illegal for Deplorables to buy and sell and to participate in exchange without the Mark of the Woke.

More broadly, it is extremely important for traditional Christians (Jews, Muslims, others) who do not accept gender ideology and related iterations to understand what is coming for us. The power-holders really do hate us, and don’t believe we should have the right to participate in society. Almost every one of us will be forced to take a stand, sooner or later. Back in 2015, gay New York Times columnist Frank Bruni approvingly quoted a gay activist who said that Christians must be forced to abandon their beliefs on homosexuality. Not “persuaded to” — compelled to. In 2016, prominent Protestant ethicist David Gushee, who had recently endorsed gay rights, wrote this warning:

It turns out that you are either for full and unequivocal social and legal equality for LGBT people, or you are against it, and your answer will at some point be revealed. This is true both for individuals and for institutions.

Neutrality is not an option. Neither is polite half-acceptance. Nor is avoiding the subject. Hide as you might, the issue will come and find you.

He’s right about that. If Wokeness will destroy the career of one of a nation’s greatest athletes — a Pacific Islander whose status as an ethnic minority did not help him — there is nobody it will not destroy. And if it will come after the man’s wife simply for publicly supporting her husband, it won’t leave your spouse or children alone either.

This is the war we are in, and all the winsomeness in the world won’t help a soul. The Benedict Option is about building the resistance within individuals, families, and communities, so they will have the strength to stand up and bear the cost of fidelity. Make no mistake: there will be a cost.

You might not like Izzy Folau. You might not like the stand he took, or the way he took it. Fine. But if you don’t stand up for him and his wife, or at least understand that what they’re doing to him, they’re going to do to you if they have the chance, you are living in dangerous denial — and you aren’t going to be ready when the Eye of Woke Sauron focuses on you, your family, and your church.






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