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Gay Group: ‘We’ll Convert Your Children’

Satirical video by San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus taunts normies about their kids
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By the time the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus figures out that this too-cute-by-half stunt rubbing the noses of normies in their queer bitchiness was a bad idea, I hope a thousand of you will have copied this video so it can’t ever be taken down. The San Francisco group deleted it today:

… but somebody else has reproduced it. Watch it. Just watch it all the way to the end. It is billed as “A Message From The Gay Community,” and is a song titled, “We’ll Convert Your Children”:

It starts with this line:

“You think that we’ll corrupt your kids/Fine — just this once, you’re correct/We’ll convert your children/Happens bit by bit/Quietly and suddenly and you will barely notice it.”


“And you’ll be disgusted/When they start finding things online/That you’ve kept far from their sight.”

So it goes. Seriously, watch it all. And tell me that Hungarian PM Viktor Orban was wrong to pass the law keeping LGBT media from targeting kids. They are making his case for them. This thing ought to be played all over Hungarian media.

What these smart-asses in San Francisco did was make a satirical song and video that would win them plaudits in their own circles by making fun of normies. They posted this online on July 1. My guess is that they began hearing back today from LGBT people outside of safe blue districts telling them that they are out of their damn minds. This is confirming the worst possible stereotype: the gays are targeting our kids. I say fantastic: the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus said the quiet part out loud. Sure, they say in the video that they’re talking about converting them into being “tolerant and fair,” but that is not at all how it will be received. And that, I’m sure, is why the fools took it down.

Meanwhile, today, China kicked a bunch of pro-LGBT student group accounts off social media, with no explanation. Hmm. I guess when the Dutch Prime Minister gets finished “bringing Hungary to its knees,” he can turn to China.

UPDATE: If this tweet is correct, the China ban is much broader:

UPDATE.2: I’m still flabbergasted by how idiotic this was. These childless men apparently have no idea at all how most people feel about their children.

UPDATE.3: Reader CrossTieWalker:

The point is the hostility projected by this group of gay men toward parents with children. At this late date, most people with teenagers are probably under 50, that is, they were themselves brought up in a world already quite accepting of gay people. But the deal sealing that acceptance was that each side would strive to show the other that putative threats from their own side were overblown.

This performance punctures that peace deal.

Parents of troubled and confused teens do not need a gaggle of childless activists intruding and getting in the way of dealing with teen development issues, however things turn out with those teens sexually.

Yes. The contempt these men show towards parents who don’t think like them is at the heart of this. The taunting that says, whatever your religious beliefs, we are going to steal the hearts and minds of your children, and there is nothing you hicks can do to stop us. It gives the game away. It gives the game away for them, and for all their corporate allies.

Meanwhile, Andy Ngo (who is gay), reports:

A close-up:

Those guys are funny, all right. Pedophile rape of boys — oh my, that’s hilarious! San Francisco values…

UPDATE.4: The video was taken down at the second site. You can watch it here.