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She Carried A Garrotte!

Violent anti-Jordan Peterson protester came armed with a strangulation device

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3RilH1oyrI&w=525&h=300]

I blogged yesterday about a mob trying to shut down Jordan B. Peterson and others at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, and wondered aloud, “Where are there police?!” Well, turns out one of the SJWs was arrested after breaking the glass (see above video):

She’s charged with mischief, assaulting police, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose and for carrying a concealed weapon.

Local media reports say more than 150 people took part in the rally against University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson. He has come under fire for refusing to use gender-neutral pronouns and opposing Bill C-16, which extends legal protections to transgender people in Canada.

Police say the woman, who isn’t a student at Queen’s, stood on one of the building’s window ledges during the protest and started to bang on the window, causing it to break and cutting her hand.

They say she fled the scene but was stopped nearby by plain-clothes officers, who had to bring in extra officers when the woman became violent during her arrest.

Police add that the woman also tried to kick out the cruiser’s window while she was being transported to police headquarters.

Officials say officers searched her backpack and found a weapon — a metal wire with handles commonly known as a garrotte.”

She had a garrotte! This is a crude weapon used to strangle a person. That is: to kill them by strangulation.

The rage that these people are calling forth in reaction to their savagery is going to be something to behold.



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