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If you sow the cultural landscape with crudity, don't be surprised by what you reap

Take a look at this three-minute video by someone who says Trump is the logical result of a culture coarsened by a lot of the same people who are now outraged that a barbarian like him is in the White House. Excerpt from the transcript:

And next time you’re watching “Friends” reruns — yes, cuddly innocent “Friends” — go ahead and count the references to pornography, and think about how much cooler and more mainstream porn became with the “Friends” generation, and the perpetual gift that keeps on giving to their kids in syndication. It’s not an exaggeration today to say that the average teenager thinks not recycling is more immoral than pornography.

But morality is relative, right? It only matters every four years, and it only applies to the presidential candidate of the political party that you oppose, because let me guess: we should hold the president to a higher standard than we hold ourselves and our beloved pop culture idols and fetishes. But the thing is, presidential candidates come from the same vulgar, sexist, violent, sex-obsessed locker-room society that we’ve curated, so why would it be so shocking when the cream of this crop rises to the top, and is so corrupt?

It cannot be said often enough: Trump is not the instigator of the crisis; he is a symptom. Trump is America 2017. He did not come from nowhere.

Obviously this message is particularly suited for cultural liberals, but let me say this to my fellow cultural conservatives, especially Christian conservatives: if we participate in this vulgar culture, and we let our children do it, what right do we have to blame liberals? Back during the Fifty Shades Of Grey craze, a female friend told me she was shocked by how many of her friends — people she thought were pretty conservative, even plenty of churchgoers — were reading the book and talking excitedly about it. The cognitive dissonance was staggering.

In Dallas this past weekend, I was told that people are starting to give their first graders smartphones. This is morally insane. You’re giving pornographers direct access to your children’s imaginations. You think that it’s okay because you found some software that can block that sort of thing? What if most or all of the kids in your child’s social milieu have smartphones? Do you think that every single parent will have bothered to block the porn sites? Plus, the mainstream has become so vulgar, violent, and exploitative that it’s simply impossible to keep your kids’ eyes off of that stuff if you give them smartphones.

Stop participating in this Culture of Death. Stop it.



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