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Former Trump Lawyer Eastman Describes Predicament at NatCon

State of the Union: In remarks at NatCon4, the lawyer gave a speech about the Left’s lawfare against him.
Eastman Speech at NatCon4
Photo Credit: Mason Letteau Stallings

John Eastman, the founding director of the Claremont Institute’s Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, denounced the efforts against him and allied conservatives during a Monday speech at the National Conservatism Conference in Washington. Speaking on a panel about prosecutions against conservatives, Eastman told the audience that “the only way you push back... is to not back down.”

Eastman alleged many gaps in the current attempt by the California Bar Court’s case against him and discussed how he said conservative lawyers faced an uphill battle in suits related to changes to election law. For instance, when various state secretaries of state made ultra vires changes in light of the pandemic, conservatives’ lawsuits before the election were dismissed because there had yet to be any offense, he said; those brought afterwards were dismissed for having been made after the election.


Eastman highlighted the prosecutions against him and other lawyers involved in Trump’s response to the 2020 election. Eastman also argued that the goal of this campaign is not only to punish conservatives, but to also ward off lawyers from picking up cases related to election litigation. Despite this mare's nest, Eastman appeared chipper, at one point quipping: “Thank you, Liz Cheney, you made me the probably the most famous lawyer in the world."