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Wendy Davis, Media Heroine

Ross Douthat points to the pitiful softball interview ABC’s This Week conducted with Texas Democrat Wendy Davis about her pro-abortion filibuster, and the overall adoring coverage from the mainstream media. Douthat:

It seems like a genuinely fair-minded, ideologically disinterested press would at least tend to mention the link between the Gosnell case and the Texas bill as often as it mentions Wendy Davis’s footwear. Or at least take note, when framing its coverage of her filibuster, of the fact that Davis’s understanding of “women’s rights” is shared by at best a minority of American women. Or at least ask Davis, in a nationally-televised interview, to actually explain her views on late-term abortion, instead of allowing her to skate through the conversation without even using the word “abortion” at all.

But given that the national media had to be basically shamed into covering the Gosnell case in the first place, it isn’t surprising that we’re getting running shoes instead.


UPDATE: Listen, I’m not complaining here about the proposed Texas law or Wendy Davis’s opposition to it. I’m talking about the way the media are covering it. That’s what Douthat is really writing about to, as anybody who troubles to read his post will see. Don’t just see “Wendy Davis” and jump into the fray, as if we’re arguing about the substance of Davis’s protest, instead of the way the media are covering it.

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