I’m leaving for a couple of days fishing on the coast with my dad and some other folks, so please don’t expect a lot of posting from me for the rest of the week. On the other hand, if the fishing camp in Cocodrie has wi-fi, expect posts — especially a couple of Views From Your Table.

Before I take off in a few minutes, I wanted to update readers who have expressed interest in the Walker Percy Weekend festival we have planned for Spring 2014, here in St. Francisville. Our local planning committee met last night, and we talked about the complaints we’ve received from a number of academics who want to participate, saying that our initial plan for the festival, in mid-May, was problematic. For many of them, it’s right in the final exam and graduation season. So, to accommodate them, we’ve moved the date to June 6 and 7, 2014.

Soon we’ll be announcing programming. You who were kind enough to write me privately and offer to speak or participate on panels, I’ll be in touch soon. Among the things we have planned is a “This Is Despair?” tent offering boiled crawfish and Louisiana craft beer  (this, based on Percy’s answer to an interviewer who asked him if he was in despair: “I drink beer and I eat crawfish; this is despair?”, and a Royal Street Bourbon Promenade, a stroll through the St. Francisville historic district, with small-batch Bourbon tastings on various front porches. If you don’t have a seersucker suit, now’s a good time to buy one.

More news later, as it develops.