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Reading, Pennsylvania
Reading, Pennsylvania

Now this is a special one. The reader writes:

4,000 solo miles in my VW hatchback, finally arriving to a meal prepared by Marm & Pap. Pot roast cooked in wine, parsley new potatoes, tossed salad, crusty bread, and fresh Amish melon. Just good, simple home cooking with happy parents and me, hopeful to adopt that “little way”! Thanks for hosting me along the way! SE Penn is feeling just as muggy as the dirty south, but the cow-fodder scented air makes it home.

She was a reader before she became a friend. As she was moving from southern California back east to home — The Little Way Of Ruthie Leming helped her make the call — she stayed with us for a night.

Another special one:

Cambridge, England
Cambridge, England

This one was taken at The Eagle, the 350-year-old pub made famous by its utter awesomeness, but also because it was the place where, in 1953, Francis Crick stood at lunchtime and announced that he and James Watson had solved “the secret of life” — the double helix structure of DNA. The beer of the diner on the right is the DNA, the house beer celebrating the discovery and its announcement. As for the rest, the reader writes that on the left is the “pie of the day,” not sure what was in it, and he had the Salmon and Haddock pie.

What makes this image special is that the one who took it is the commenter on this site who posted under the name Thursday. And his dining companion is none other than James C. When Thursday said he was headed to England and would be in Cambridge for a couple of days, I asked them separately if they wanted to meet (James C. is American, but lives in Cambridge), and they said yes, so voilà.

Finally, here’s a neat one from a dashboard diner:

Pennsville, New Jersey
Pennsville, New Jersey

The reader writes:

  I drove from DC to Pennsville, NJ, today to pick up a few pieces of family furniture before my wife’s grandfather sells his house this week. I rewarded myself with a cheesesteak from the terrific local Italian market and ate it in my car (A/C on a 95 degree day!) with a view of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. By the way, that’s only half the sandwich. The “small” is 10 inches long. (The large is 20.)

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