Bletchley Park, England

Bletchley Park, England

It’s an all-England VFYT today. The reader writes:

This is a picture of our late lunch today at Bletchley Park, where the Enigma code was broken during World War II. The green building is Hut 4, where German Naval traffic was decrypted, and the red brick building in the background is the Mansion itself. The sandwiches on the table are spicy meatball Panini.

Elsewhere on the sceptered isle, James C. has been a-roaming:

Wenhaston, Suffolk, England

Wenhaston, Suffolk, England

He writes:

…taken at the superb Star Inn, Wenhaston, Suffolk.

British food at its finest tonight at a serene village pub, several miles down a single-track road from the Suffolk coast. Every country pub comes with a surprise, and this one came with a working player piano and that huge stack of antique piano rolls you see. My 5-year-old niece spent a thrilling evening putting on different rolls and pretending to strike the keys as the music played!

I had succulent pork belly roasted in apple and cider, oven-browned potatoes, snow and sugar snap peas with crispy bacon, and pork crackling, all for £9. My mother and 5-year-old niece shared that pile of Suffolk prawns, along with fried filets of fresh whitebait (not pictured). My beer was something I’d never seen before: a local, cask-conditioned…lager! This ale enthusiast loved it.

The pork was amazing, some of the finest I’ve ever tasted—I discovered later that it came from the traditional free-range farm just down the road. Happy pigs are tasty pigs!

James added this shot of the player-piano rolls, calling it, “my kind of jukebox”: