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View From Your Meatfare Table

St. Francisville, Louisiana
St. Francisville, Louisiana

Today is what Orthodox Christians (and Eastern Rite Catholics as well) call Meatfare Sunday — the last day we can eat meat until Pascha (Easter). Last night, I asked readers who are observing Meatfare Sunday to send in Views From Your Meatfare Table. What is your last meaty meal before Lent? I want to see! I just grilled and ate that glorious steak you see above, and drank with it a Napa Valley cabernet. You can see at the end of the table my daughter eating her meatfare hamburger, and to the left, No. 1 son eating a quesadilla; he is not a carnivore.

Send in your VFYMTs, please — and keep checking back on this blog post throughout the next day or two, as I will be posting them. As ever, remember to give me city and state (or country), and do not simply point your camera at your plate and shoot — remember, we’re looking for the surroundings too.

By the way, a certain member of the household attended the Meatfare table chez nous:




San Antonio, Texas
San Antonio, Texas

This morning we brought bacon, egg, and cheese and chorizo and egg breakfast tacos for the post-Liturgy Meatfare meal.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Says the reader:

Laid back Sunday dinner with the wife and kids. Steak with roasted garlic and Gorgonzola. Side of asparagus. Rye whiskey from Finger Lakes Distilling (served in a glass from my local and favorite distillery, Wigle Whiskey).

Say, we have at least two more Pittsburgh area readers — Al-Dhariyat and Sam M. You guys ought to get together sometime for beer.

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