Have you been following the Vatileaks scandal? I thought it was fairly small potatoes a couple of days ago. Boy, was I wrong. From AFP’s report:

As the Vatican moves to root out whistle blowers who have been copying and leaking private documents straight from Pope Benedict XVI’s desk, rumours have been circulating in the Italian media over whether the plot may run deeper.

Frustration over the management of Church scandals in recent years — from allegations of money-laundering to clerical sex abuse — has apparently led some to begin preparing the way for their chosen candidate to become future pope.

“A group of cardinals has begun to act on a very ambitious aim: to take the secretary of state, and then, conquer the conclave (the assembly which elects a new pope) with a chosen pope among them,” said La Repubblica newspaper.


Rumours are that there are around 20 whistle blowers who have been supplying the media with documents — at least two have spoken out anonymously — and it is not clear if the Holy See will be able to patch up the damage done so far.

“What’s certain is that Tarcisio Bertone will not come out of this in a positive light,” said Vatican expert Sandro Magister.

“The shortcomings of his governance are clear for all to see,” he said, adding that the pope might replace him “in the next few months.”

According to expert Bruno Bartoloni, the “Vatileaks” scandal may be the last straw for many in an institution dogged by bad governance and corruption.

“This scandal has enormous consequences, it will create unease and exasperation among the cardinals,” he said.

“They want to find someone who can do a serious clean up. But in cleaning up, they risk starting a revolution,” he added.

Magister is generally well respected. For his part, John L. Allen, also well respected, says this is a big, big deal; Allen’s coverage is well worth following.

I wonder what a “revolution” would mean in the Vatican? Serious question. Please give me some serious answers.