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Trump’s Iran Luck

Tehranis mourn the innocents shot down by incompetent Iranian regime (CBS News screenshot)

You know that I thought Trump was reckless to have assassinated Soleimani. I strongly reject, though, that Trump bears any moral fault in the disgusting Iranian regime’s incompetent downing of a Ukrainian passenger plane. Seems like more than a few American liberals want to blame that completely avoidable act on Trump, hating him more than they despise a vicious theocracy that stupidly murdered 173 innocents, lied about it, and tried to cover up the evidence, until that was no longer possible. Bizarrely, Trump came out of this looking good (though GOP Sen. Lee and the Senate Democrats are absolutely right to push for a War Powers resolution; let’s not lose sight of that).

Well, look at this. Something wild is going on in Iran today.

Incredible. What if Trump’s whacking Soleimani turns out to have been the domino that brought down the ayatollahs’ tyranny? Let us hope so. It would be terrific if Iran could become a normal country again.

Anti-Trump Americans have to decide if they hate Trump more than they want Iranians to be free of the dictatorship. If the regime collapses, history will owe an extraordinary debt to President Trump. As someone who criticized his Soleimani aggression, I feel the need to concede that.

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