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Things Obama Is Not

Things Barack Obama is not: a Kenyan, a Muslim, a Marxist, and — ahem — an adulterer. 

UPDATE:  Dinesh D’Souza says he isn’t an adulterer either, though I’m not sure how that argument stands up legally, given that he’s involved with a woman while still being married to his wife. In a robust statement defending himself, D’Souza says Marvin Olasky’s World magazine has it out for him, and besides, he’s been separated from his wife for two years, even though he was technically married to his wife Dixie when he started up with his fiancee. So people cracking on him as an adulterer are pretty much wrong about him, he insists. But now it’s being reported that his fiancee was married too when they got together. Excerpt:

Denise Odie Joseph II was known as Denise Odie back in 2010 when she was in law school. She created a new Facebook account on December 30, 2011 under the name Denise Odie Joseph II and said she got married that day
On her blog – entitled “I, Denise, Lust After…” – she described herself in April as Mrs. Odie Joseph. The following month she wrote, “I was already going to vote for Romney because my husband told me to.”

In the “about me” section, she called herself a “conservative bloggette” who believes that “women should be the moral guardians of their homes.” She also called herself a “strong believer in the concept of Republican Motherhood.”

This story gets stranger and stranger. If D’Souza is correct about his dealings with the World reporter, and what the World reporter left out of the story, then it does seem like something of a hit piece. D’Souza wrote:

So why would World write such a misleading, sensational story that we would normally expect from the tabloids? Actually there is a back story here which was noted by Amy Sullivan at the New Republic, as well as numerous other sources. Marvin Olasky, the editor of World, is the former provost of the King’s College. Olasky was on the search committee when I interviewed to be president, and he vehemently opposed my candidacy. Olasky publicly admitted that he was resigning his position as a consequence of my appointment. The reporter who wrote this story, Warren Smith, also used to work as a consultant for King’s until I decided not to renew his contract. And what was Olasky’s gripe against me? As he put it, I was seeking to make King’s a non-denominational “mere Christianity college” in the image of C.S. Lewis. This for Olasky was simply intolerable. Having nursed his grievance for two years, now apparently Olasky is using World to continue his vendetta.

I don’t know how a reporter for World would handle the Olasky-D’Souza feud, but if the reporter really did have a professional relationship with the college D’Souza ran until D’Souza declined to renew the contract, that absolutely should have been disclosed. D’Souza accuses him of “pure libel.” Strong words.

On the other hand, this is unquestionably a story, given D’Souza’s high profile as head of a Christian college and the role he has created for himself as a Christian apologist.

I don’t think the last shoe has dropped yet.

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