From George Takei’s Facebook page (h/t: FMG):

This is for my geektastic son Matthew, who is going to get his six-year-old laptop replaced this afternoon. He would like you all to know about the Kerbal Space Program, a computer game that allows you to create and manage your own space program. This thing is astonishing. He was telling me yesterday that the thing has taught him how to judge trajectories, and how to think metrically. Plus, it’s a lot of fun. Amazing what Kids These Days are up to.

UPDATE: Here’s a YouTube promo for the Kerbal Space Program. I’m telling you, get this for your geek kid. Matt today talked all about it with the guy at the Apple store who sold him his new MacBook. Guy was into Minecraft too. Matt’s mind is fairly blown by how much faster Minecraft is on his new computer than on his rickety old model.