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The Commissar Comes For Murray

Authority has a word with defiant punk Murray (Paris Cloud YouTube screenshot)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRyj-SZgMpc&w=525&h=300]

Watch this clip. In it, a Scottish high school teacher disciplines a student whom he has kicked out of class for insisting that there are only two genders. The authoritarian madness is on full display! This exchange is for the ages:

Teacher: “I am not putting my opinion out. I am stating what is national school authority policy, okay?”

Student: “But it’s not scientific whatsoever.”

Teacher: “Not every policy is scientific, Murray!”

From Roger Scruton’s Fools, Frauds, and Firebrands: Thinkers Of The New Left:

I find it fascinating that the commissar in this episode secretly filmed above is not some pierced and tattooed woke Millennial, but a middle-aged guy who looks like Matt Foley, the motivational speaker.

UPDATE: Folks, when they use “gender” in this context, they are not talking about nouns. They are talking about sex.

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