Happening now in my kitchen

Well, Thanksgiving dinner has been cooked, hallelujah. All that’s left to be done is to pick up the rotisserie turkey in the morning (yeah, we outsourced that), and for Julie to make the celery root remoulade. Tonight I listened to old Rolling Stones, and the Avett Brothers, and made (with a little help from Nora and Julie):

  • Christopher Kimball’s awesome toasted cornbread and pecan dressing
  • Brussels sprouts with onions and bacon (see above)
  • Gratin dauphinois (scalloped potatoes boiled in milk, salt, pepper, and nutmeg, then doused in heavy cream and slow-cooked in the oven)
  • Roasted beet salad with honey-lime vinaigrette
  • Cranberry sauce

Our guests are bringing pies for dessert. We’re going to drink Muscadet. People like Chardonnay on Thanksgiving, but I don’t care for buttery California Chardonnay. The ideal, for me, is white Burgundy, which is made with the Chardonnay grape, without all the over-oaking. But it’s not cheap. We ran across a delicious and affordable Muscadet (La Fruiterie) at Whole Foods not long ago, and I think it’ll be perfect. The acid will cut all the heaviness in the Thanksgiving food.

We are pondering whether or not to make Dorie Greenspan’s French-style carrot salad, which is really delicious, and usually part of our Thanksgiving table, but for some reason we forgot to work it in this year. Maybe, since we’re so far ahead, we’ll do it in the morning.

What are you cooking? Open thread.

UPDATE: One of our guests brought a homemade pumpkin pie that, as best as I can figure, she had laced with barbiturates. That is the only way I can explain the fact that I stepped away from the gathering around 4:30 to make a phone call from the bedroom, and woke up four and a half hours later, having had the most epically satisfying nap. Thanksgiving for the win!

And by the way, that nap came after I had had two cups of strong coffee in a failed effort to rally.