Over the weekend in multicultural, liberal Sweden:

Demonstrators shouted “we want our freedom back and we’re going to shoot the Jews”, among other slogans, according to a report by Sveriges Radio.

Protests in Malmö began spontaneously on both Thursday and Friday evening, according to a number of people who spoke to the radio station.

And then, on Saturday:

Police are guarding Jewish centers across the Swedish city of Gothenberg following an arson attack on a synagogue there, police said.

Three men, all in their twenties, have been detained for questioning in relation to the Saturday night incident, police said.

Spokeswoman Ulla Brehm said that police received reports shortly after 10 p.m. local time that burning objects had been thrown into the yard of the synagogue, causing a fire. Brehm said approximately 10 people dressed in black were seen running away after throwing the objects.

Then today:

Two firebombs have been found outside a chapel at the Jewish cemetery in the Swedish city of Malmo as authorities step up security at Jewish sites after an attack on the Gothenburg synagogue. The incidents follow the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Swedish police is looking into an attempted arson attack on the Jewish chapel after two bottles with what assumed to be an inflammable fluid were found Monday, Sveriges Radio reported, quoting police spokesman Lars Forstell.

This summer, the Swedish government announced plans to amend the country’s constitution to forbid websites from letting readers find out if Muslims or immigrants are disproportionately responsible for violent crime there. Out of sight, out of mind, they must figure.

Today the Jews, tomorrow the Christians and seculars.

Tell me again why Hungary’s Viktor Orban and other leaders of the Visegrad nations are wrong to refuse Muslim immigration to their countries….