Stout-hearted Steve McClellan, running for supervisor of Holmes County, Miss., is my new favorite politician. “Holes in the road!” is 2019’s “the rent is too damn high!”

In this update, McClellan, who is now wearing a bandanna over his eyes, condemns the injustice of the New Orleans Saints being robbed of their victory over the Rams. “The NFL is just like these potholes: We got to get ’em fixed,” he says.

Here, Super Steve promises to drain the swamp so the people of Holmes County don’t have to drive far to get a hamburger with a sesame seed bun:

America needs Steve McClellan! Hey, Alfonse D’Amato became a US Senator known for constituent services. “Senator Pothole” they called him. Go, Steve, go!

Seriously, though, Holmes County has big problems. It’s poor, rural, and depopulating. It has the lowest life expectancy of any county in the United States. Steve McClellan’s homemade campaign videos are entertaining and silly, but the problems of Holmes County are not.