News from the world of Italian school buses:

The driver of a school bus has been arrested in Milan after allegedly hijacking the vehicle with 51 children onboard and setting it on fire.

One of the children called the police after the driver stopped the bus on a highway in the outskirts of the city, Italian media reported.

After police arrived, the suspect allegedly doused the vehicle with an inflammable liquid, reportedly shouting: “Nobody gets off here alive.”

The bus, which had been travelling from the city of Cremona in Lombardy, went up in flames but the police managed to get all the passengers off. Twelve children and two adults were taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation.

The Milan prosecutor said, “It was a miracle they survived and we have to thank the police for that.”

The driver, we subsequently learn, was a naturalized Italian citizen from Senegal, who very nearly killed all these children — as many as Muslims who died in the Christchurch mosque — to protest Italy’s immigration policy.  As La Repubblica reported, before setting the bus on fire, the man shouted,  “I want to be done, deaths in the Mediterranean must be stopped.”

Here’s how The Guardian headlined the piece:

“Driver in Italy” — this, even though the fact that he was born in Senegal has everything to do with his crime! Here’s how the BBC headlined it:

“Italian driver.”

The Daily Mail, which actually reports this news with chilling detail, uses this accurate and informative headline:

As I write this, around 4:30 Central US time, there is no story about this on the website of The New York Times or the Washington Post. 

There was an attempted mass murder of children on a school bus in Italy, by an immigrant angry over the fact that Italy is not opening its doors fully to migrants.

If not for the police, and a student on board who concealed his smartphone and used it to alert authorities, we would have had another Christchurch in terms of the number of deaths.

Yet the bien-pensant establishment British media (Guardian, BBC) are downplaying the story and the immigrant angle, à la Rotherham. Must manage the narrative. The right-thinking US major media aren’t even reporting it. Fifty-one child hostages, very nearly burned to death on a school bus by a homicidal lunatic immigrant wanting to make a political statement!

Had he been a white supremacist who had very nearly murdered a bus full of Muslim children, do you think that the Guardian, the BBC, and the leading US media, would be treating the story this way? You know the answer to this question as well as I do.

UPDATE: One of the child hostages, interviewed by La Repubblica, says (the video is in Italian):

“I lost three daughters who drowned in the sea, all the children died at sea, so you too must die. Burned up.”