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‘Screw You, Ronald Reagan’

President Obama invites gay activists to the White House, and a couple respond by having themselves photographed making an obscene gesture towards a portrait of President Reagan. Classy! According to Philadelphia Magazine:

“It’s not a gesture that would use in the White House when representing our city and our community,” opines Philadelphia Gay News publisher Mark Segal (center), who opted for a sarcastic thumbs-up pose in front of the portrait of George W. Bush over the more vulgar one demonstrated by his Reagan-loathing peers, Matthew “Matty” Hart (left), the national director of public engagement at Solutions for Progress, and self-taught photographer turned toast-of-the-town Zoe Strauss (right).

“I have friends who work in that building,” Segal explains. “I’m not going to do something that could embarrass them or that could somehow damage a campaign that is so important. ‘Be on your best behavior,’ my staff told me.’ I think they know me too well.”

Seriously, with friends like that, Obama needs enemies? Bet he’ll think twice before inviting those self-righteous jerks back. You don’t have to give a fig for Ronald Reagan in order to show basic respect for the occasion, and the present occupant of the office, who is, after all, your host.

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Rod Dreher is a senior editor at The American Conservative. A veteran of three decades of magazine and newspaper journalism, he has also written three New York Times bestsellers—Live Not By Lies, The Benedict Option, and The Little Way of Ruthie Lemingas well as Crunchy Cons and How Dante Can Save Your Life. Dreher lives in Baton Rouge, La.

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