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Rotherham, Political Correctness, & The Rape Of Common Sense

About the systematic rape and sexual abuse of 1,400 — that’s one thousand four hundred — girls in a single English city by groups of men, The New York Times (of all places!) doesn’t mince words in talking about who did this, and to whom they did it:

The vast majority of perpetrators have been identified as South Asian and most victims were young white girls, adding to the complexity of the case. Some officials appeared to believe that social workers pointing to a pattern of sexual exploitation were exaggerating, while others reportedly worried about being accused of racism if they spoke out. The report accused officials of ignoring “a politically inconvenient truth” in turning a blind eye to men of Pakistani heritage grooming vulnerable white girls for sex.


Some officials were apparently ordered by their managers to withhold information on the ethnic origin of the abusers, the report said. As a result, no contact was made with local Pakistani leaders for help in identifying gangs that continued to assault and abduct teenagers.

It beggars belief how sick and corrupt so many English people have become. My God, you let men rape and torture your daughters, but don’t dare say anything because somebody, somewhere, might call you a racist, or a fellow traveler with the BNP?

The Guardian writes:

Council and other officials sometimes thought youth workers were exaggerating the exploitation problem. Sometimes they were afraid of being accused of racism if they talked openly about the perpetrators in the town mostly being Pakistani taxi drivers.


Jahangir Akhtar, the former deputy leader of the council, is accused in the report of naivety and potentially “ignoring a politically inconvenient truth” by insisting there was not a deep-rooted problem of Pakistani-heritage perpetrators targeting young white girls. Police told the inquiry that some influential Pakistani councillors in Rotherham acted as barriers to communication on grooming issues.


A mortgage adviser who drove a BMW and owned several properties promised to treat a 13-year old “like a princess”. Another man pulled the hair of a 13-year old and called her a “white bitch” when she tried to reject his attempt to strip her.

Straight-up, violent, sexist racism. But the Rotherham police and politicians turned a blind eye.

It’s not only reverse-racist political correctness at fault. If you read the entire report, you see a bureaucracy rife with dysfunction. A crude, sexist, macho culture within the police force is partially to blame. Disgusting men.

Over 1,400 female children treated like animals, by animals. And aside from the Council leader who voluntarily resigned yesterday, not one of the people responsible for this moral outrage will be punished. Not one.

Ed West at The Spectator nails it:

‘I didn’t want to appear racist’ is truly the ‘I was only obeying orders’ of our time.

… Political correctness was supposed to make us nicer, but in reality it just makes people stupider. As anyone who has done any sort of online test will tell you, much of human intelligence comes down to pattern recognition; the whole purpose of political correctness is to stop us noticing patterns even when they stare us in the face.

British progressives, let’s not hear another word about how the sacrosanct nature of the Catholic Church contributed to the sexual exploitation of children by priests until you face up to the fact that the values of political correctness on the matter of race and ethnicity contributed to the sexual exploitation of children by these Pakistanis. Catholicism doesn’t “cause” clerical sexual abuse any more than anti-racism “causes” Pakistanis sex gangs to rape children. But a big part of the meaning of Rotherham is that Rotherham authorities were willing to sacrifice the humanity of at least 1,400 little girls to the god of political correctness.

And you watch: some progressives are even now worrying more about people thinking the Wrong Thing about Pakistani men than they are about these children, their rapists, the potential anti-white race hatred of the children’s rapists, and how the authorities failed those children.

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