They caught him in a sewer and killed him. 

The British prime minister said:

“I think today is a day to remember all of Colonel Gaddafi’s victims, from those who died in connection with the Pan-Am flight over Lockerbie to Yvonne Fletcher in a London street and obviously all the victims of IRA terrorism who died through their use of Libyan Semtex.”

True. But let us not forget, however, the disgusting betrayal of the Lockerbie dead by Tony Blair and his Labour successor Gordon Brown. 

UPDATE:  To clarify, here’s what I think:

1) Qaddafi got what he had coming to him.

2) NATO should have stayed out of this thing from the beginning.

3) Libya is not going to turn into a decent democracy, but will continue to be a backwards tyranny, this time a more Islamist one, though possibly not as crazy as Qaddafi’s regime.

I don’t see any contradiction between No. 1 and either of the others.